The administration department of the Landfall Council of Associations (COA) consists of professional, on-site management and staff committed to providing specialized, effective administration of the association assets with emphasis on friendly service to our residents and guests. The administration department handles Landfall documents, community news and communications, facility reservations and accounting, as well as, homeowner festivals and events.

Landfall is a unique and diverse community, home to 26 different and completely separate Home Owner Associations (HOA’s). The Landfall COA is proud to organize and coordinate between all associations and work to maintain the cohesion that our residents enjoy.

As a collection of planned communities, Landfall has a professional staff to manage the community and facilities which is directed by our board of elected volunteers. The COA is also responsible for coordinating and offering administrative services to our many volunteer committees, which include: architectural review, communications, covenants & security, buildings & grounds and nominating committees.

Each year an annual meeting is held at the Country Club of Landfall to give residents a chance to speak with Board members, committee volunteers and staff on the status of the organization and current community endeavors. At the meeting, residents are given information about committee and Board projects, goals and accomplishments for the year, as well as important information about current events in our community. If you missed this year’s meeting, you may request the slide presentation by email to Information can also be found in The Voice newsletter, emails blasts and on our website, residents are encouraged to visit often and sign up for email notifications for the most current community information.

Landfall COA Volunteer Opportunities

There are plenty of ways to get involved in your community as a volunteer. Call 910-256-7651 or
e-mail us at for more information on how to join a committee, and for other volunteer opportunities in our community.
The COA committee system depends on you. This very active committee system, operating in an advisory capacity to the COA Board of Directors, relies on civic-minded, interested property owners volunteering their time, talent, and energy to sit on COA committees and advise the Board on matters of concern to the community.

Landfall Standing Committees

Architectural Review: Reviews/approves plans and specifications for structures and landscapes and enforces design guidelines.

Communications: Alerts community about current events, concerns and civic issues; solicits articles for and publishes the Landfall Voice newsletter.

Buildings & Grounds: Advises and recommends improvements of common areas and facilities.

Covenants & Security: Responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations pertaining to the covenants. Works to establish procedures for dealing with violations.

Nominating: Seeks to fill all COA committee vacancies and assists with recommendations to fill Council Vacancies.

COA Board of Directors

March 2019 – March 2020

Mary McKenna District 1 Chair, Finance, Nominating Liaison
Frank Madonna District 2 Vice Chair, ARC Liaison
Dick Rosenmeier District 3 Finance
Carl Roark District 4 Treasurer
John Dorland District 5 Covenants and Security Liaison
Stephen Rogers At-Large Secretary, Finance, Buildings & Grounds Liaison
Katherine McKenzie At-Large Communications Liaison, Human Resources Liaison