Dear Landfall Residents, 

The Landfall Council of Associations’ (LCOA) wanted to extend a friendly reminder to you regarding the upcoming fee increase for the waste removal and recycling contract with Wall Recycling (Wall). 

The fee increases for the March 1, 2024 through February 28, 2025 contract year will become effective on March 1, 2024. The fee increases that you will see in your March 2024 invoices from Wall should be within the terms of the current, approved contract. 

This contract was thoroughly reviewed, with the future fee increases approved by the LCOA Board of Directors (Board) in 2022. During 2023, the contract’s option year, the Board again evaluated this waste removal and recycling contract. This analysis resulted in these services being put out for competitive bid. At that time, the Board determined that Wall was the best waste removal and recycling option available to the Landfall community. 

If you have any questions about the change in fee structure or any general waste collection issues, please contact Wall Recycling, LLC directly at (910) 228-5500. 

Best Regards, 

Your Landfall Council of Associations

Author: Admin