Dear Landfall Residents,

Please allow us to take this opportunity to expel some of the rumors circulating on social media related to the only two recent incidents that have taken place within our community.

While the timing was certainly not ideal, the two incidents that have occurred in Landfall are unrelated to each other. The vandalism of our Eastwood Road wall was promptly reported and addressed. The following day the suspect that unlawfully entered Landfall during a foot pursuit with local law enforcement did end with his apprehension on Pope Court.

We are happy to inform all of you that we have not received any reports of property damage to any resident’s personal or real property within Landfall.

We understand that these are unsettling times, but please know that we are working diligently to stay informed. To that end, Executive Management and our Chief of Security are in daily contact with our Wilmington Police Department District Lieutenant and other law enforcement agencies to allow for open lines of communication and information sharing. Please contact us first if you have questions or concerns, allowing us the opportunity to provide you with the latest information available.

Finally, we would like to let you know that we have arranged for additional Security staff and will continue to monitor that need as necessary.

Author: Admin