Dear Landfall Residents,

Landfall is indeed a wonderful place to live. As residents, we are accustomed to having a top-notch community that is well managed by a staff that consistently goes the “extra mile” to ensure a service level unmatched in the area.

Our current system of co-management between Sandy Slocum McLamb and Steve Hughes has been extremely effective. However, Sandy has recently made the decision to change her lifestyle and close the chapter on her community management career. She and her husband plan to start a new chapter, retiring to their ranch in far off Calabash, NC. Despite Sandy’s youthful appearance, at the end of this month, she will have completed 26 years with the Landfall COA and serving the residents of the Landfall community. She has been instrumental since the beginning in guiding us through many of the multitudes of decisions necessary to transfer a housing construction project into the community of which we are all so proud. While instituting many of the rules and regulations she has accumulated extensive knowledge of Landfall’s history and the organizational documents that govern us. Unfortunately, the loss of such talent and experience will be difficult to replace. Sandy is also highly regarded in the Community Management industry, by the City of Wilmington and by the various entities of New Hanover County.

The loss of such a key role of our leadership has forced due diligence on the COA Board to carefully review our current management procedures and explore all of our options. Although some management avenues are still being fully evaluated, the Board has decided to utilize its established succession plan, and promote Roxanne Powell to fill the vacated position. Roxanne was hired 22 months ago and Sandy has concentrated on utilizing her in every area of the administrative operations and trained her on the many procedures this position requires. Roxanne has an extensive background in golf course management, community management and property management. We hope this timely release of information will help settle the various concerns that seem to be present in the community.

Your Landfall Council of Associations Board of Directors


Author: Admin