Dear Landfall Residents,

Due to the politically charged atmosphere in our community surrounding the upcoming election, we thought this was a good time to remind everyone of Landfall’s Political Sign Policy.

Political Sign Display Policy

The display of political signs on homesites in Landfall will

be permitted as follows:

  • Political signs for the pending election or vote may be displayed no earlier than forty-five (45) calendar days prior to an election, and no later than seven (7) calendar days following an election.
  • Political signs may not exceed twelve (12) square feet in size.
  • No more than one (1) political sign may be displayed at a time.
  • Illuminated political signs are prohibited.

Since Saturday, September 19, 2020 political signs are being seen in full force throughout Landfall. Since that date, we have seen multiple violations of our policy and have been informed of signs being stolen and vandalized. As we are all entitled to our opinions, we are first and foremost neighbors and friends, and when the dust settles and the election is over, we want to remain that way.

Please adhere to the direction provided in the policy above. If you have multiple candidates that you wish to support then simply rotate the signs of your choice, but please only display one sign at a time.

We thank you all for your attention to this matter,

Your Landfall COA

Author: Admin