Landfall Residents Updates

October 11, 2017

For LANDFALL RESIDENTS, Updates and information to keep you in the know.

As we have stated in previous communications, the Landfall task force group has a goal to provide information and increase awareness to Landfall residents about road projects, nearby current and proposed developments, and any impending meetings of interest.  The primary focus of our information gathering and actions are related to potential impacts along the traffic corridors of Eastwood Road to Military Cutoff Road and the eventual extension to Market Street.

The following are key actions and information “to keep you in the know”:

  • Your Landfall Council of Associations (COA) has sent an initial letter to the Department of Transportation (DOT), both at the North Carolina and Federal level, and the Wilmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (WMPO). Considerable information gathering has been on-going with the DOT regarding the Eastwood Road/Military Cutoff Road intersection and the overall traffic considerations addressed by the WMPO. Please review the COA letter by clicking here which will provide residents with the main concerns resulting from current and potential growth that would result in short term construction and longer term traffic congestion impacting our community. Again, the intent of our communications is not to take sides on these important issues but rather to create awareness for the need to ensure growth and change is accompanied with the appropriate improvements to alleviate as much of the potential traffic congestion as possible.
  • As you may already know, the current proposal which includes re-zoning for The Avenue has been withdrawn. This may be only a temporary action by the current developer and that another proposal for this area next to our community could be submitted in the future. We will continue to keep you informed as we are aware of any future actions in this area.
  • The CenterPoint development, which is proposed for the Eastwood Road and Military Cutoff Road intersection area, may go before the Planning Commission at their December 6, 2017 regular meeting at 6pm. As we have seen this could change, however, we will keep you informed as to any changes to this schedule.

·  In addition, as a way to further keep our Landfall residents informed with any pending meetings of importance, we have plans in place to install signs with the meeting information at the post office areas and other areas as appropriate on Landfall community property.

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