Pruning at Intersections within Landfall

Steve Hughes, Chief of Operations

January 13, 2017

Good afternoon everyone!

Beginning next week, Landfall COA Maintenance will be pruning and cleaning up plant material in the areas around stop signs, road signs and intersections for obstructions. At this time, I would like everyone to pay close attention to any plant material on your property that may be near an intersection or may decrease visibility at driveways or entrances and cut them back if necessary.

For all areas that need to be addressed that are not part of the common areas, we will attempt to reach owners before we begin pruning; however, as you can imagine, this process will be very time consuming and time is of the essence.

We hope that everyone will pitch in and help us complete this project. Neighbors helping Neighbors is one of the many reasons living in Landfall is so special.

Thank you all so very much and have a wonderful weekend!

Author: Admin