Landfall COA Employee Assistance

October 9, 2018

Hello Landfall Residents,

It has been heartwarming to see and hear of the many kind words and actions of our residents over the past few weeks. The efforts of individuals, small groups, etc. in providing food, beverages, and other items for staff has gone a long way in maintaining positive morale.

We have had many inquiries about how residents can help our COA employees. We are aware that some residents believe that the country club employee assistance effort (funds being collected) would include COA employees. However, that is not the case as we are two separate organizations.

Several residents began a small effort to provide meals for the staff which grew into a grass roots community-wide effort. Due to the amount of funds received this group is continuing to provide meals for our staff many of whom continue to work long hours six or seven days a week. They have also created a private group Facebook page that can be found by clicking this link where you can request to join the group.

We have received many questions from residents about helping employees that have suffered storm-related losses. While the Board recognizes everyone is incurring storm-related costs, we continue to receive these inquiries regarding helping our employees. We do have several employees who have suffered severe damage due to flooding. If you are one of those who has expressed a desire to assist these employees the Board is able to accept gift cards such as Visa, Home Depot or Lowes. Employees will fill out an application, and members of the Board (not staff) will review and manage distribution.

Please note these are not tax-deductible contributions. You may drop gift cards at the COA office. Please clearly mark “For employee assistance fund” and be sure dollar amount of each gift card is noted.

In summary, although the devastation has been significant the outpouring of kindness and support has been overwhelming. We are truly blessed to live in this wonderful community.

Author: Admin