Hurricane Dorian 3

September 4, 2019

Good afternoon Landfall residents.

As you are most likely aware, New Hanover County is currently under a Flash Flood Watch, Hurricane Warning and Storm Surge Warning. While we have lowered all ponds that we have the ability of lowering, significant rainfall will cause flooding of our streets which may make some roadways impassible. During and immediately after the storm, we ask that you stay off of the roads so that we can assess the property.

Depending on the track of the storm, power outages and downed trees can be expected during and after the storm.

Please be reminded that there is NO overnight parking along the roadways.

Waste Industries will not be providing trash service tomorrow, and at this time is unsure if they will resume trash service on Friday.

We will have limited staff from Maintenance, Security and Administration on site throughout the storm. However, please be aware that should dangerous conditions warrant the evacuation of security personnel from the gatehouses, one or more gates may need to be left unattended for their personal safety. In the unlikely event this becomes necessary, the entrances will not be blocked and all Security staff will be brought to the COA facility until it is safe to return to the gatehouses.

Paper NOT Plastic! In the event you clean your own yard and decide to bag any loose debris, please place into paper bags. Due to the time consuming process of separating out the vegetative debris from the plastic bags, there will be a charge of $10 per plastic bag left curbside.

As a reminder and following the storm, outside contractors will not be authorized onto the property until our personnel have performed an evaluation of our roadways. Once we have deemed the conditions of the roadways acceptable, outside contractors will be allowed onto the property if they have been authorized by a resident. We will notify the community following this evaluation so that you can make arrangements with your contractor.

Also please be reminded that in the event that you hire a contractor to clean up your property, please note that contractors are required to bring your vegetative debris to the staging area at 1749 Drysdale Drive at the COA and NOT LEFT CURBSIDE or placed onto vacant lots. Please ensure that your contractors are aware of this policy and that they have the means to haul your vegetative debris to the staging area. In the event a contractor does NOT bring the debris to the COA facility and the debris is left curbside, the COA will be invoicing the property owner for this removal. Please view the Landfall COA Hurricane Procedures for additional information for you and your contractors by clicking this link.

Please stay vigilant and continue to monitor radio and television broadcasts for up to date information on the storm. Thank you.

Author: Admin