Hurricane Dorian 1

September 1, 2019

Hello Landfall Residents,

As we all watch the latest on Hurricane Dorian there are still so many unknowns. As you are probably aware, Hurricane Dorian has strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane. We are watching it closely and taking necessary steps to be well prepared for whatever we have to deal with.

Starting tomorrow all lakes and drainage areas will be lowered to allow for as much holding capacity as possible for the expected rainfall. This storm is expected to bring a significant amount of rainfall. Therefore, should we be affected, you can expect roadways to flood and become impassible.   

From now until the storms arrival, contractors will be allowed to work until dark for storm preparations. Additionally, all construction sites are being notified to have their sites secured.

Once the severe weather threat passes, the COA will assess the damages to our community and determine the best course of action. This information will be communicated to you by whatever means we have available to us. 

In the event that a community wide clean up becomes necessary, contractors must bring your vegetative debris to the staging location at 1749 Drysdale Drive at the COA and NOT left curbside.  It is imperative that you notify your contractors to bring all vegetative storm debris to the staging location. Please view the Landfall COA Hurricane Procedures for additional information for you and your contractors by clicking this link.

After our personnel have performed an evaluation of our roadways and the conditions of the roadways are acceptable, then individual tree contractors will be allowed onto the property. Once they are cleared to come onto the property, they must be authorized by the resident or they will be turned away at the gate. We encourage members of the community to monitor radio and television broadcasts for up to date information on the storm. PREPARATION IS THE BEST PROTECTION! Thank you.

Author: Admin