Outdoor Play Equipment

November 8, 2016

As the holiday season approaches, please keep in mind that outdoor play equipment (including swing sets and trampolines) must be approved by the ARC. Submittal forms can be found on the ARC home page or click here.

Please see the following excerpt from the ARC guidelines:

3.16 Play Equipment

Landfall is a diverse community with many children of all ages.  Accordingly, the ARC will work with owners to ensure play equipment is aesthetically pleasing, sympathetic to the surroundings, of high aesthetic quality construction and placed to minimize visual or sound disturbance to neighbors.

All play equipment is considered a structure and must be submitted to the ARC for approval prior to installation.  The ARC requires the proposed location and a brochure from the manufacturer prior to considering any of the following:

Play equipment is primarily of high quality wood in earth-toned colors including any slides, swing seats, awnings, and other details.  Metal play equipment is not permitted.  The equipment is to be placed in a location chosen to screen it from view from the street, golf course and neighbors. Landscaping plans showing any additional plantings that may be necessary to screen the play equipment from the street, golf course or neighbors must be submitted with the ARC request to install the play equipment.

Trampoline: Same restrictions as play equipment, however it may be made of metal.

Basketball goals: Posts and fittings are to be a dark color and blend with the surroundings. The goal is to have a clear backboard with no bright colored lettering or logos.  Nets are to be white. Goals may not be mounted directly over the garage door or elsewhere on the residence. Since a basketball goal is most often placed at the edge of a driveway or guest parking area, it does not have to be within the building setback, but must be installed within the property boundaries. Some additional landscaping may be required.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 910-256-7651.

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