Hello Landfall Residents!

The construction at the Eastwood Gate is progressing nicely. However, we wanted to make you aware that the anticipated timeline projected by our contractor will need to be extended through Wednesday, May 26th.

Unforeseen and unanticipated challenges have been faced below the street surface as we are removing and reconstructing portions of a 35 year old infrastructure. Therefore, we want to ensure that we are doing everything possible throughout this entire project to adequately address any concerns encountered along the way in the hopes of avoiding any future issues.

Please remember that the Eastwood Gate will continue to be closed to all vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic. Up to this point, we have had a few pedestrians and bicyclists still persistent in traversing this area. Please understand that this is a significant safety concern and may only delay our timeline further. Therefore, for your own safety and out of courtesy to our contractors and staff, please avoid this area.

Likewise, the Drysdale Gate entrance will continue to be open and manned 24/7 through Wednesday, May 26th. Emergency services and Coastal Waste will be notified of this extended construction timeframe.

Rest assured that we are working diligently to complete this construction as quickly as possible. We greatly thank you for your cooperation and patience during this project. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,

Stephen D. Hughes

Chief Operating Officer


Author: Admin