From the Chairman, Bill Hamlet:

Landfall Council of Associations July 26, 2022, Board of Directors Meeting Summary

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Landfall COA was held on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. Jason Lumpkin, District 3 representative, was unable to attend. All other Board members were present. The COA financials for the period ending June 30, 2022, were reviewed and approved. The total Landfall COA year-to-date net income was $312,780, which is $122,398 over June 2021. The Capital Improvement Funds equity ended June 30, 2022, at $2,937,153 and is projected to end the year at $2,872,873. Landfall Association Services (LAS) and Landfall Owners Services (LOS) programs’ consolidated year-to-date revenue through June 30, 2022, was $285,968. Additionally, the Board unanimously accepted the Finance Committee’s recommendation to approve the 2021 COA audit and tax return, following their July 25th meeting with Earney & Company LLP, the Landfall COA Auditors.

The Board reviewed the draft of a Landfall owner survey developed to gauge owner interest in a “fiber to the home project” in the Landfall community. The COA Board would need to consider the legal easements and access required, as well as the impact on our residents and current infrastructure resulting from this large construction project. The survey was discussed in detail and the Board determined that it should be provided to the owners to determine owner interest overall in a project of this nature.

We are excited to share that the KCI engineered sidewalk survey contract has been executed, and the project is expected to start mid-August. The survey project may take up to six months to complete, weather permitting. Also, in considering technical improvements and much needed integration of our divisions within the COA, we have recently contracted with Applications by Design (ABDI) for our new gate access management and resident portal software and equipment. This conversion will take several months to implement. The community will be notified with all pertinent information related to these projects prior to the start date, and receive updates as they progress. Additionally, USPS has supplied sixteen new postal lockers, now fully installed by the Landfall COA, at the Arboretum Postal Station. Mail and parcel delivery, as well as opportunities for improvement will continue to be monitored, evaluated, and discussed with the Wilmington Postmaster.

Our second quarter gate access traffic analysis reports reflect a slight shift in gate entry activity. There was a greater percentage of vehicles utilizing the Eastwood Gate in the second quarter as compared to the first quarter review. The majority of vehicles entering Landfall continues to use the Arboretum Gate. This additional traffic is resulting in entry delays and traffic gridlock. As a result, these issues are on-going topics of discussion by the Covenants & Security Committee and suggestions, recommendations and opportunities for improvement are being considered. The quarterly traffic counts will continue with the next study scheduled for September.

On June 23, Board members met with management and representatives from Turner Asphalt to discuss the health of the COA’s overall roadway paving plan. Sealcoating was discussed in detail as an option to consider for extending the life of our roads. It was decided that $100,000 would be allocated from the Capital Improvement Fund (CIF) Restricted Reserves to a roadway sealcoating program, as recommended in the 2022 Reserve Study. This will be applicable in 2022 and reflected in future budgets.

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