A Word From the Chief

Russell James, Chief of Security

September 9, 2016

A Resident’s Guide to Using Uber in Landfall

As they increase in popularity, Landfall Security is seeing a rise in the use of Uber drivers from our residents. This has presented a few issues that need to be addressed. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here are some facts about Uber:

  • Uber is a rideshare company, very similar to a taxi service.
  • Uber drivers use their own vehicles, and therefore do not have yellow cars or an Uber company logo on their vehicle.
  • Uber rides are arranged using a Smartphone app.
  • The Uber app stores the users payment information (i.e. credit or debit card) and charges the user after the ride has concluded; this way, cash never exchanges hands between driver and riders and Uber Drivers carry no cash.
  • When a user requests a ride using the Uber app, they may either type in the address where they want to be picked up, or select “use current location” which uses the GPS coordinates of their phone to help the driver find their approximate location. This has caused issues due to the fact that the GPS estimated locations can sometimes be pretty far off, thus sending the driver to the wrong place. More on this issue later.
  • Once the route is confirmed and the driver is requested, the user:
    • Receives an estimated wait time until the driver will arrive
    • Receives a picture and first name of the driver coming for them, along with a description of the car they will be driving
    • A car will appear on the user’s screen to show them where the driver is en route to their location
    • Is given the option to contact the driver if they should need to, by phone or text

Here are some of the issues that Landfall Security has experienced with Uber:

  • Drivers do not have the correct location because the user elected to set location by GPS coordinates, instead of typing in their exact pickup address.
  • Uber rides are being requested by guests of Landfall residents, and residents are not calling drivers in or notifying Security. This can create a problem when a driver comes to pick up a user named Bob at an address which has no resident named Bob. Without accurate information, or the ability to verify, the Uber driver will be turned away.
  • Additionally, when Uber drivers are not called in and do not have correct information matching the resident, Security will not call the homeowner to verify if it is after 10 pm. At this point, it would be up to the Uber driver to make contact with their user (which they are easily able to do) and to then have that user call Security to let them know that it is okay to let the driver in.

These potential problems can be easily avoided by following some simple steps to properly using Uber within Landfall:

  • Call in your Uber driver as a guest. It is okay to give just a first name.
  • Make sure to request a ride using the exact address where you need to be picked up.

As we discuss the use of Uber, it brings about another important issue regarding guest call in; guests cannot call in other guests and residents cannot authorize guests to the homes of others. Additionally, as much as we hate to ruin a good surprise party, a resident cannot authorize guests for another residence. In this case, you can either call in the party guests to your own address and meet there before going to the party or someone from the other residence will need to call in the guests. Please also remember that you are responsible for any guests that you call into Landfall.

Gate entry of bikes and walkers/joggers

Though it has been mentioned many times before, it is worth repeating to remind walkers, joggers and cyclists not to attempt to enter Landfall through Drysdale gate during its unmanned hours. The barrier arm is designed to come down after each car based on an in-ground sensor. This means that if you attempt to tailgate in behind a vehicle, the arm will come down and possibly hit you. Please take the time to enter through the manned gates so that a member of Security can help you safely enter the gate on foot or on a cycle.

Summer Safety Precautions

This has been a very busy summer for Landfall! With increased traffic and high numbers of guests and contractors entering Landfall each day, it is important to remember to lock up. Keep your cars and homes locked up and remember to close the garage door when you leave. Also, make sure that any valuables that may be in your car are not visible. And as always, if you see anything out of the ordinary or have any concerns, please do not wait; contact security right away, 910-256-5311.

Stay cool in the heat, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Author: Admin