Hello Landfall Residents, 

I am reaching out today in the hopes of answering a question that I have now received multiple times over the past week. “Is that a camera that has been installed along Pembroke Jones Drive?” The simple answer is yes, but let me explain a little about how we arrived here, our timeline for implementation and what you can expect. 

Since I began my role as Chief of Security at Landfall, speed limits have been a constant topic that continues to come up in my conversations with owners, as well as at the COA Committee and Board level. As the community continues to grow, so does the level of traffic utilizing our roadways. Over the past couple of years this growth includes a larger influx of bicycles, pedestrians, e-bikes and golf carts all attempting to share the roads. 

Aside from bringing awareness to safety measures through our articles, handouts and in our owner interactions, we have also considered and evaluated many different traffic calming measures and speeding deterrents over the past couple of years. Some of these measures include additional stop signs, speed bumps, adding medians and other traffic diversion options have all been considered. To this point, I have asked my Security team to continue all efforts in running radar and enforcing all speed rules violations as they conduct their daily responsibilities and traverse though Landfall. 

When we researched the new gate access software that we are now utilizing through ABDi and gateaccess.net, an added feature was the programs compatibility with a speed camera system through Traffic Logix. We researched how this system was received by similar HOAs’ staff and owners, as well as the effectiveness this system had in other gated communities around the country. We considered and discussed in detail the the pros and cons provided. Once that data was all collected and reviewed by staff and the C&S Committee, we presented those findings and the recommended approval of Traffic Logix by C&S to the sitting board at the time. The system received approval and was subsequently purchased to help assist Landfall Security with the issue of speeding and to work toward safer streets for all of our owners, residents, guests and Country Club of Landfall (CCL) members. 

The first camera was installed and calibrated last week. It was installed along Pembroke Jones Drive and is currently collecting data on speeds in that area. The system is not currently issuing citations, only collecting data. When a vehicle passes the machine traveling over a set speed, the camera will take three pictures of the license tag and will timestamp the date, time and speed of that vehicle. As I stated, it is not being used for enforcement at this time. All owners, residents and CCL members will be notified with a start date for activation prior to any citations being issued from the Traffic Logix system. 

After being installed for just one week, the Traffic Logix system gathered data determining that 1,044 vehicles were traveling 7mph or more over the speed limit of 25mph along Pembroke Jones Drive; and of those, 330 were traveling 35 mph or more. Please slow down! Go ahead and prepare yourself for the implementation of this new system and travel through Landfall at the posted speed limits. Help us make Landfall a safer place for everyone! 

Thank you for your continued support,

Chief Adam & Your Landfall Security Team

Author: Admin