Hello Landfall Residents, 

Happy Spring to each of you! With the approaching summer months and warmer temperatures ahead, there are likely to be more people outdoors enjoying the Landfall community and utilizing our roadways, parks, and common area facilities. As a result, please be even more cautious when driving, biking or walking on our roadways as we want these areas to be safe and enjoyable for all of our residents and guests. With so many new faces in the community, I wanted to reconfirm a few facts about the services provided to you by Landfall Security.  

Landfall Security enforces Landfall’s Rules and Regulations (R&R) as determined by the Landfall Council of Association’s Board of Directors. While we assist emergency services, we are unarmed, have no arrest powers, and are not law enforcement officers. Citations are issued per the Violation Fee Schedule included in the Rules and Regulations. Click here for the complete copy. As a homeowner, you and your authorized guests have a right to access your property that may not be denied by Landfall Security, unless we are court ordered to do so. Furthermore, owners are responsible for your and your guest’s actions while on Landfall property, and violations of Landfall’s R&Rs may result in issue of a citation. Per North Carolina General Statues, Chapter 47F, the Landfall Council and employees are limited to certain laws pertinent to issuance of citations and levy of fines.    

We are all citizens of the City of Wilmington, as well as New Hanover County and the State of North Carolina. The services of the City of Wilmington, Emergency Response and Rescue services, State Highway Patrol, and the Wilmington Police Department (WPD) are available to all residents. These departments have authority to enforce the city, county and state laws. They will not enforce all Landfall rules such as visible trashcans, property modifications not approved by the Architectural Review Committee (unless a permit would have been required), fishing in Landfall’s ponds from the road right of way or bridges, or violations of contractor hours.  

So, who do you call? That depends on your question, issue or concern.  

If you witness an activity that you believe to be a crime, need a lift assist, there’s a fire in your home, an unknown person is on your property, or someone is hurt, call 911 first. Landfall Security will not call 911 for you. There are 911 procedures and questions that are in place and these need to be answered by the person that is a witness to the scene, and not a 3rd party offering second hand information. Time is of the essence in tragic situations and you will want emergency services to receive the most accurate information available in order to best assist. 

If Landfall Security is a witness to an emergency, the guard will, just like any citizen, call 911. The 911 responders notify Landfall Security prior to their arrival and Security serves as an aid and escort to the emergency vehicle to ensure the quickest route to the scene.  

If your neighbor’s dog is barking incessantly, call Landfall Security at 910-256-5311 and you may also wish to call New Hanover County Animal Control at 910-798-7500. Citations may be issued by both entities; however, the barking must be witnessed by Landfall Security to constitute a violation of Landfall’s R&Rs.  

If your neighbor’s vehicle is parked in the road right of way overnight, call Landfall Security. A citation may be issued. Security is authorized to have the vehicle towed at the owner’s expense if they determine that the vehicle represents a hazard.    

If your property is vandalized or you are a victim of theft, call WPD at 910-343-3600 and file a report. Their investigation may lead to an arrest and WPD has jurisdiction and authority to investigate and arrest any suspect, if warranted. Call Landfall Security 2nd as vandalism and theft are violations of Landfall’s R&Rs and citations and fines can be levied if a Landfall owner or their authorized guest is found guilty of the crime in a court of law. However, Landfall Security does not have jurisdiction to enter an owner’s property to investigate these crimes but may address and issue citations for all Rules violations.  

If your neighbors leave their garage door open, Security will be happy to reach out to the neighbor for you, but please be aware that this is not a violation of Landfall’s Rules. If your neighbor or their authorized guest trespass on your property, call WPD first at 910-343-3600 and file a report. You should also notify Landfall Security 2nd, as this is a violation of Landfall’s R&Rs; however, Landfall Security must witness the trespass in order to issue a citation. 

Please remember that Landfall Security is here to be of assistance to our owners and add a level of convenience to your everyday life. We provide house check services and wellness checks, perform traffic stops for speeding, gate strikes, and other vehicle violations, as well as write citations for violations of Landfall’s Rules and Regulations. However, our authority lies in the common areas and roadways of our community.      

For a quick reference guide you may visit the Landfall COA website at www.landfall.org and look under the Security drop down “Landfall Security Services”. You may also click here. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of your Landfall Security!

Author: Admin