Hello Landfall Residents!

We hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer heat! I wanted to remind our residents that your garbage bins must be stored in a screened in area or garage, not visible from the road. Please assist us in keeping Landfall beautiful!

Due to the inclement weather and heavy rain fall that is predicted this week, and the possibility of a larger storm system incoming early next week, we will be turning off all lake fills for the time being.

It is unfortunate I continue to receive calls from concerned residents regarding dogs running loose including the golf courses. I have also personally observed this. It is very dangerous to have dogs running loose on the golf course or crossing streets unattended. For the safety of the golfers and your pets, please monitor your animals and do not allow them in these hazardous areas. Unfortunately, it is very possible for them to get injured or killed by a stray golf ball or a vehicle. As per the rules and regulations we require that pets must be contained on the residents’ property unless when on a leash or similar restraint.

Since we are discussing the subject of dogs, please be reminded to pick up after your pets. The only thing that needs to be getting kicked around the soccer field is the ball. I have also received reports that the same issue is occurring on the golf courses.

Landfall Lake is one of our most sensitive bodies of water in Landfall. This is also a very popular spot to walk dogs. Please ensure that you are picking up after your pooch to help protect our valuable wildlife and ecosystem.

Walking on the golf courses during play is a very dangerous habit. Over forty-thousand golf ball or golf club injuries requiring medical attention occur every year in the USA; some of these end up in deaths. The Country Club of Landfall is a member-owned club. Please observe the following rule:

“Landfall residents, please be aware that the property that is owned by the Country Club of Landfall is only to be used by members and their accompanied guest. Club property includes all club house facilities, grounds, all gold courses and cart paths. The golf course, in particular, is for use by those playing golf. Any other use would be in violation of this policy. Country Club of Landfall is not responsible for any damage or injury to you or your property in violation to this policy. For safety reasons, during golfing hours anyone other than registered golfers will be asked to leave the course. Your compliance is appreciated in advance.”

Let’s all please do our part to keep Landfall a safe and clean place to call home.

Remember: If they poop, you must scoop!

Thank you,

Stephen D. Hughes

Chief Operating Officer


Author: Admin