Good afternoon everyone, 

Unfortunately, the continued challenges of running a business in today’s economic climate is affecting many of the everyday services that we have always taken for granted. Our current waste removal company, Coastal Waste, has notified us that the only way that they will be able to continue forward as Landfall’s waste removal provider is to move to curbside service. Coastal has simply been unable to maintain the level of staffing required to continue backdoor service in Landfall for several months now. 

We reached out to other vendors in the hopes of finding a company to provide similar service without an increase to our owners. Not only were we unable to find a better price, but we also discovered that none of the other vendors offer backdoor service as an option. Apparently we were one of the few communities to still receive this service option, but for the first time in Landfall’s history, the backdoor trash collection service will no longer be available. We thank you in advanced for your understanding and appreciate your cooperation through this difficult transition. 

We understand some of the frustration and inconvenience that this may cause, but please understand that this was a difficult decision and options are limited. Therefore, effective August 3, 2022, all trash cans must be placed down at the end of your driveway by 7am on collection day. Please have the empty trash cans removed from the curbside and placed back in their regular screened area as soon as possible, but no later than the end of day on collection day. 

Your Landfall COA

Author: Admin