Dear Landfall Residents,

In response to our earlier email regarding the “Political Sign Display Policy”, we are receiving feedback from several residents questioning why we allow political displays in Landfall at all. Hopefully, the following information will shed some light on this subject and help everyone to understand how we arrived where we are today.

In 2006, the North Carolina Legislature amended the North Carolina Planned Community (“Act”), which allows property owners the right to post political signs notwithstanding the prohibition against signs in general in the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions. 

In 2012, the COA Board discussed this issue at length and sought a legal opinion on the subject. The legal opinion, backed up by NC Statutes, found that the Act provides certain protections for owners with regard to the display of political signs. The Act specifically allows owners the right to political displays unless the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions meet specific criteria that prohibit such displays.

Having said that, the Act does allow community associations the right to adopt a policy to regulate time, size and number of political displays permitted when the Covenants prohibit signs in general. Therefore, the COA Board adopted the “Political Sign Display Policy” that can be found here. This policy includes, in part, allowing residents one political display no more than 12 sq. ft. in size. Additionally, your display should be placed out of the road right of way, approximately 10 ft. from the curb.

The COA will be working diligently to respond and manage any violations of the policy set forth within our authority. Maintaining neighborly relationships with each other is what has made Landfall such a special place to live. Let’s all do our part to ensure that the ambiance that we’ve worked so hard to create, maintains long after this election.


You Landfall COA

Author: Admin