Dear Landfall Residents, 

The North Carolina Severe Weather Preparedness Week, as well as the South Carolina Severe Weather and Flood Preparedness Week, runs from Sunday, March 5 through Saturday, March 11. During the preparedness week, the National Weather Service (NWS) in Wilmington and other NWS offices around the Carolinas will be sharing severe weather safety information through social media. Links to the local webpages for both North Carolina and South Carolina are included. 

North Carolina: 

South Carolina: 

These webpages contain information and safety tips for various types of severe weather, including helpful graphics and links. These websites also include a tab for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, as well as Espanol. 

The North Carolina and South Carolina Statewide Tornado Drills are scheduled for Wednesday, March 8th. The South Carolina Statewide Tornado Drill will occur at 9:00AM followed by the North Carolina Statewide Tornado Drill at 9:30AM. These drills will be triggered by test messages on NOAA Weather Radio, but a person does not need a radio to participate. At the designated time people can activate the drill on their own. During the days prior to the drill is a good time to review and be familiar with tornado safety plans. 

In the workplace or at school, people should know where sheltering locations are and be aware of any other required actions. At home, it is highly encouraged that families discuss tornado safety and know the safest place to take shelter. 

While these pages were designed for Severe Weather Preparedness Week, they can be useful year-round. 

We hope you find this information helpful. 

Your Landfall COA

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