Dear Landfall Residents, 

We wanted to provide a few reminders about waste recycling in the Landfall community. 

All plastic, metal and/or glass containers must be emptied and rinsed before they are placed in the recycling trash can. If this is not done, the waste residue can contaminate the entire truck of recycling waste and will cause all of this waste not to be accepted by the Recycling vendor. When recycling paper, remember that cartons and cardboard should be flattened before disposal. 

Be aware that there are a number of items that Sonoco Recycling, the recycling vendor, will not accept. A list of these items, as well as other reminders about recycling, are included in the attached List of Accepted Recyclables: 

If you have specific questions about recycling or waste collection services, please contact Coastal Waste directly at (910) 228-5500. 

Best Regards, 

Your Landfall Council of Associations          

Author: Admin