October 19, 2018

The Landfall Council of Associations would like to provide our residents with an update about our current progress following Hurricane Florence. We have been and are continuing to take significant steps for the orderly restoration of our shared common areas. 

The road right of ways have been cleared of storm debris, as that was our top priority for safe access. Now is the time where we begin the more tedious tree work. This includes removing downed and significantly damaged trees along our perimeter fencing and common areas, as well as, beginning the removal of the dangerous hanging branches. These trees and hanging branches still pose a risk, so please stay alert for your own safety. Also, please be reminded that the Nature Trails are still closed.

The Eastwood entrance and exit lanes will need to be closed periodically for a few days as concrete work, storm drain repairs and resurfacing takes place. Following that, we intend to complete the paving and finishing work along Pembroke Jones Drive. At this time we are anticipating this work, weather permitting, to commence after October 29th.  The remaining necessary road repairs along the side streets will take place later this fall. We will update you as details become finalized. 

One hundred and eighty-eight feet of storm drain pipe repairs have been completed. Also, eight hundred forty-four feet of storm drain piping has been cleared of debris and inspected. This represents a portion of our stormwater infrastructure repairs that are needed. Inspections and necessary repairs to these facilities are ongoing.

The streetlight fixtures and poles are on order and should be received by the end of October. As soon as the parts are received this work will commence immediately.

Thank you

Author: Admin