Dear Landfall Residents,

As we maneuver through these unsettling times, please know that the Landfall Board, along with your Landfall COA staff, are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure that we are proactively managing our operation to remain stable throughout the crisis. We are utilizing our resources to make informed decisions on the best course of action to keep our community thriving while following all government and local requirements to establish a safe environment for all.

We are evaluating our 2020 budget, line by line, to cut expenditures in every area possible, to offset the additional expenses and potential loss of revenue associated with the COVID-19 threat. We are delaying budgeted renovations, purchases and limiting monthly expenses. We are managing employee scheduling to reduce payroll expenses and postponing any professional development where applicable. We are limiting operations and requiring employees to work remotely, who are able to do so, while still managing the services essential to our residents.

Landfall COA continues to implement the necessary safety procedures and best practices as they apply to each department within our entire organization. At this time, our Administration office remains available by prior appointment only, with limited on-site staff. You may continue to reach us by phone at (910) 256-7651 and by email at Landfall Security will continue manning our gates, patrolling our community, and performing house checks. You may continue to contact Security as needed by calling (910) 256-5311.

Under government guidelines, landscaping and construction are amongst the list of essential services, so we are working within the parameters allowed by applicable law to keep all operations running as seamlessly as possible. Please allow staff a little additional time to manage and complete your services as we are working with a 30% reduction in staff and implementing new protocols as needed on a daily basis. Please contact Landfall Owner Services by phone at (910) 256-7604 or by email at for all of your maintenance needs. For any home construction or property and landscape modifications, you may contact the ARC by calling (910) 256-7651 or by email at  

Also, please be aware that for sanitary reasons, we have temporarily removed the trash cans from all common area facilities, including the postal stations. We request that you prepare accordingly when going through your mail or cleaning up after your pets to take any trash remains with you. 

Please continue to utilize the remote services and COVID-19 resources provided for your convenience on our website at These remote services include online submittals for Security House Check requests, Administration Barcode requests, and all ARC submittals. You will also find the latest COA communications keeping you informed with the latest news updates and how they affect our community. 

We appreciate everyone’s understanding when conforming to the influx of restrictions and guidelines this pandemic has us all facing. Life as we know it is changing rapidly, we are being asked to adapt to our new surroundings and evolve with the ever-changing circumstances of our present situation, and this will not come without some sacrifice and discomfort. Know that we are in this together, that we will overcome it together, and that we will be better as a result of our combined efforts. Remain vigilant, and stay safe! 

Landfall COA Board

Author: Admin