Waste Removal Service Contract

December 31, 2019

Hello Landfall Residents,

Happy New Year! We hope that you and yours have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are off to a great start for 2020. The Landfall COA is excited about the coming year and looking forward to a beautiful spring season. 

It is said that a new year brings forth change, so please allow us to take this opportunity to update you on a change taking place early this year within our community. Landfall’s current waste and recycling collection services contract, provided by GFL Environmental, expires on March 1, 2020. GFL Environmental is the new owner of Waste Industries, Inc. Their transition of ownership did not transpire without a few growing pains that affected not only the current services that our residents receive; but also future services and pricing now being offered to our community. The renewal pricing that GFL proposed for the upcoming contract term was an initial 30% increase, followed by an annual 5% increase thereafter, totaling a 50% increase over the next five years.

The increase prompted the Landfall COA to evaluate and consider other service providers in our area that may be able to offer comparable options at a more affordable price to our residents. In doing so, we were able to negotiate and execute a five-year contract for services with Coastal Waste Services, Inc. This local, family-owned company has agreed to collection and disposal of trash, recycling, yard waste, and bulk items with back door service for a fair price with no anticipated annual increases. Coastal performs background checks and drug screenings on all of their employees, just as we do at the COA. The new contract will require an initial, one-time setup fee per household. The setup fee will be added to your first quarterly invoice and be structured as follows depending on your needs:

  1. $25.00 includes account setup and one 96-gallon waste receptacle.
  2. $35.00 includes account setup and two 96-gallon waste receptacles. Two 96-gallon waste receptacles OR one 96-gallon waste receptacle and one 96 gallon recycle receptacle
  3. $25.00 for each additional 96-gallon waste receptacle needed.

Description of Services:

 Service days will be on Thursdays and Fridays. The Landfall community will be divided into two parts, with one half being serviced on Thursdays and the other half on Fridays. Trash, recycling, and brush will all be picked up the same day. In other words, if your service day is Thursday, then all of your services will be performed on Thursday.

Option 1: TRASH ONLY – One 96-gallon receptacle with once-weekly back door trash pickup, allowing one additional bag outside of the receptacle for $19.50 per month

Option 2: TRASH ONLY – Two 96-gallon waste receptacles with once-weekly back door trash pickup, allowing one additional bag outside of each receptacle for $31.00 per month.

Additional add ones:

Option 3: One 96-gallon receptacle with bi-weekly recycling pick up for $10.00 per month.

Option 4: One 96-gallon receptacle with weekly recycling pick up for $20.00 per month.

Option 5: One 96-gallon receptacle with bi-weekly brush pick up for $14.00 per month. 

Bulk pick up is available on an as-needed basis. All items will require a picture to be sent to the Contractor via text or email and an estimate will be given based on the items in the picture. Bulk items include appliances, furniture, and any items that cannot fit into a 96-gallon receptacle.

The transition from GFL to Coastal is going to require some strategic planning on the part of the COA. I assure you that we will do our very best to make it as seamless as possible for our residents. Allow us to thank you in advance for your support, patience, and cooperation. You will receive a welcome letter from Coastal Waste shortly, and we will communicate throughout the process to keep you promptly informed. As always, you may reach out to us via email to or by phone to 910-256-7651 with any questions or concerns.


Stephen D. Hughes, Chief of Operations

Author: Admin