Good day everyone!


I hope you are enjoying a safe and wonderful summer. Now that the extreme heat is upon us this is an ideal time to be fertilizing your lawns. Believe it or not, we only have 3 short months of ideal warm-season grass growing conditions in June, July, and August. If we can help please let us know. 


I was recently made aware of a relatively new concept that has gained popularity in the last few years. This includes the cleaning and sanitization of your trash receptacles. I was curious if there is a desire amongst our residents for such a service. If you are interested, please email and I will look into this further for you. 


 I still do not have an exact date for our 2020 road repairs. When I know these dates, we will give our residents plenty of notice of where and when the work is to begin.


 Our storm drain cleaning and repairs have been moving along very well and should be finished with the 2020 program very soon. However, as we all know unexpected issues arise from time to time and if they do, we are well prepared for this, and we will be ready to repair these. 


 The increased use of the Landfall lake path is so wonderful to see. We had a few wonderful suggestions regarding adding a few extra benches and a ramp to access the bench on the spillway. Thank you for the suggestions. I hope everyone will enjoy it. 


I have included a few before and after pictures of some of our work for residents.



Again, if we may assist you on any of your outdoor projects please do hesitate to contact us. 


Have a safe and enjoyable rest of the summer. 


 All the best!


 Stephen D. Hughes


Chief Operating Officer

Author: Admin