Hello Landfall Residents,

Now that Tropical Storm Isaias has strengthened to a hurricane and the exact direct impact of where the storm will hit is still uncertain, the Landfall COA is taking measures at this time so that we are as prepared as possible. If you have not already begun preparations, we encourage you to start preparing now as the storm is approaching fast. 

The Landfall COA will be allowing contractors to work until dark for storm preparations today and tomorrow, Saturday, August 1st. This extended time will be for storm preparation only. Additionally, all construction sites have been notified to secure their sites.

As you begin your preparations please know we are doing our part by lowering all lakes and drainage areas to allow for as much holding capacity as possible.

Although, we are expecting some impacts from Hurricane Isaias as far as how much it is still too early to tell. However, know that once the severe weather threat passes, the COA will assess the damages to our community and determine the best course of action.

In the event that there needs to be a community wide pick up, please familiarize yourself with the following rules and procedures.

  • Those residents that clean their yards on their own and do not utilize a contractor may place their storm debris at the end of their driveways.
  • Residents will be invoiced for any debris placed in the road, gutters or around cable or power boxes.
  • Any pruning debris that is included in any pile at the street will be invoiced accordingly.
  • Paper trash bags filled with storm debris only will be picked up at no cost.
  • Plastic bags with storm debris only will be picked up with a $10 per bag charge.
  • Storm clean up contractors, tree companies and landscapers WILL NOT be permitted into Landfall until after a complete property inspection has been done, and roads are safe to travel.
  • All contractors must be called in to your home.
  • Absolutely no storm chasers will be allowed entry onto the property unless called in by the resident.
  • Please inform your contractors that NO soliciting is allowed in Landfall.
  • All clean up contractors(Tree companies, landscapers etc) MUST bring their storm debris to the Landfall COA for disposal at no cost. Any contractors dumping debris on roadsides or empty lots will be issued a citation and escorted off the property. 

Should you need assistance with fallen or snapped trees please call us at 910-256-7604 as we are again partnering with Fitness Tree Service. Should you require our assistance, please know that trees on houses will take priority and those requesting quotes will be placed on a list so that Fitness Tree Service can provide that for you as they are able.

In the event a community wide pick up is deemed necessary, please understand that we are anticipating our final roadside pick up on Saturday August 8th. All piles which appear after we clean your street the resident will be invoiced for the pick up.

I ask that you please read and abide by these rules and procedures so that we can put your Landfall community back to it’s world class conditions as quickly and economically as possible. 

Thank you all in advance for your cooperation and assistance. 

Please be safe,

Steve Hughes, Chief Operating Officer









Author: Admin