Hurricane Florence Restoration Update From Your COA Board

November 7, 2018

Dear Landfall Home Owners and Property Owners:

Thank you to the vast majority of our residents who paid their special assessments so promptly. Thanks to your timely response we have had sufficient funds to pay all of our hurricane restoration expenses to date without incurring any financial penalties. We are also grateful for all the support staff has received from you acknowledging their long hours and quality work.

We write to you today to provide an update on the status of the restoration work. You will find included with this email both a summary of the work complete and also a summary of the expenses we have incurred to date in connection with that restoration work. The same may be found by clicking here. While a great deal of work has been completed there remains much to do. 

The street light poles have been ordered and work to get our streets bright again will start as soon as materials arrive. We are still in process of getting quotes for replacement and repair of the damaged fences.

As you are probably aware road repair and paving are continuing and will require announcements when lane closures or rerouting are necessary. Your patience and compliance with flag men is appreciated. We hope that weather permitting the majority of this work will be completed by November 30, 2018. With the exception of the Spanish Wells Drive nature trail, all other nature trails have been reopened.

We, and our staff, have fielded a handful of follow up questions from a few residents regarding the details of our restoration work and the special assessment. While these inquiries have come from a small segment of our residents, it is important to us that the same information be available to all. So, accordingly, we have updated the Q&A summary that we first published on October 18th to address these additional questions. These updates are highlighted in yellow and the same may be found by clicking here

We will continue to provide updated reports periodically to keep you apprised of the restoration work and the use of our community funds for it. 

Thank you.

Author: Admin