Hello Landfall Residents,

We hope that each of you are doing well and enjoying your summer. As the 2020 Election draws near, please be reminded of our “Political Sign Display Policy”. This policy allows each of you the right to display your support for the political candidates of your choice, all the while following a few simple guidelines in the best interest of all.

The display of political signs on homesites in Landfall will be permitted as follows:

• Political signs for the pending election or vote may be displayed no earlier than forty five (45) calendar days prior to an election, and no later than seven (7) calendar days following an election

• Political signs may not exceed twelve (12) square feet in size

• No more than one political sign may be displayed at a time

• illuminated political signs are prohibited 

You may view the complete policy by clicking the following link:


In the event that you have a political sign, flag or banner currently in place on your property, please remove this display until such time that it conforms to the policy as stated above.

All Landfall COA Policies our located on our website at www.landfall.org and may be found by clicking the following link:


If you should have questions or need clarity on any of our policies, please feel free to contact the COA Administrative Office by emailing coa@landfall.org.

Landfall COA

Author: Admin