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October 16, 2018

Hurricane Florence Cancellations

Landfall Fall Festival – The Kenan Chapel, The Landfall Great Oaks Club, and our many community volunteers wish to express their heartfelt admiration to the sponsor and silent auction participants in the 2018 effort to support them! With their unwavering support and contributions, the Kenan Chapel will continue the community concert series and related programs throughout the coming year.

October – November Issue of the Landfall Voice newsletter

Calendar of Events

October 18 – Landfall Realty has submitted building plans to the City of Wilmington Technical Review Committee – Click here for agenda

November 1 & 7 – CERT First Aid and CPR classes – Following Hurricane Florence, this may be important to you. Visit for more CERT information or click here for the registration form

November 4 – Kenan Chapel Concert – Joe Hickman and UNCW Chamber Choir – reception to follow at CCL

November 6- Food Truck Rodeo – 5pm-8pm and Concert 7pm-10pm at CCL – open to all Landfall residents and guests – 910-256-8411 for information

November 14 – Great Oaks Club – 1pm at CCL – speaker Kent Knorr –

November 22 & 23 – COA office closed for Thanksgiving

December 4 – Holiday Marketplace at CCL – 4pm-8pm –

December 16 – Kenan Chapel Caroling – 5pm

Architectural Review Committee Submittals due to Hurricane Florence

No ARC submittal is required to make home repairs that do not alter the exterior appearance, materials or color of the home and landscaping. If modifications are desired or needed, please e-mail with details of the changes. The review of the requested changes will be performed expeditiously. Roof repairs do not require ARC review; however, if the roof material will be replaced, please e-mail for a submittal form. Roof replacements must meet the current ARC Guidelines found online at For tree removals, please fill out the Modification Form available on the website, mark the trees with ribbon or string and e-mail the ARC.

Halloween Guidelines

  • If you wish to have your child participate in trick-or-treating, do so within the hours of 5:30pm and 8:00pm.
  • If you will be providing treats, make sure that your garage and porch lights are on. If you do not wish to participate, keep your garage and porch lights off.
  • Halloween participants must respect the property and privacy of those residents with lights off.
  • No food or beverage vehicles, trucks, carts or the like shall be parked on any of the shared common areas or streets which must be kept open.
  • No loud music shall be played from the shared common areas.
  • Do not litter.

Remember to exercise great care when driving through the neighborhood on Halloween night since there will be many additional people walking in the community

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