Dear Landfall Residents, 

We understand that the recent changes in the services now being received from Coastal Waste are significant, and have caused a level of inconvenience and disruption to the way of life in which we have all become accustomed for many years now. Please know that your LCOA Board of Directors are currently evaluating actions in response to this change, both diligently and appropriately.   

The current contract arrangement with Coastal Waste is the result of a competitive selection process in 2019, which led to our selection of Coastal Waste over the prior provider. The back door service was a critical aspect of the service selection, and we consider it a core component of Coastal’s services. 

On July 1, 2022, Coastal Waste reached out to LCOA Management expressing their inability to recruit and retain labor force, making it impossible for them to adequately fulfill the backdoor service to Landfall. This change in service was not approved by your LCOA Board of Directors or LCOA Management. This change in service was a unilateral decision by our service provider. As a result, this was and still remains to be deemed a very serious issue for our residents. Know that from first notice we have been involved in responding to your concerns and engaged in active discussions among the entire Board and LCOA Management. 

We hoped the labor issues might improve allowing Coastal to continue providing their contracted services. Upon initial notification LCOA Management contacted GFL, the City of Wilmington, Waste Management, and Go Eco Disposal for consideration of our contract. At that time none of these companies would even offer a price quote for backdoor trash pickup for our community. All of these companies are affected by the same increased overhead and labor shortage and were not (and currently are not) willing to take on a backdoor service contract. 

The City of Wilmington is obligated to provide the option of curbside service to the residents of Landfall, if we request that service. The price would be almost the same as Coastal currently. Please be aware that this service is not paid for by your City taxes and would be billed as a separate service. Furthermore, they stated that it may take as much as six months for them to acquire the equipment and staff to commit to the curbside service. GFL responded that they could offer the same curbside service as we are receiving from Coastal, at the same price. The Board considered that the disruption to our owners through the transition to a new vendor was not justified in order to receive the same service which we are currently receiving. 

While we understand Coastal’s position, the LCOA Management and Board both recognize that this is a significant change to the agreed upon arrangement. We are not happy with losing our backdoor service in Landfall and are not satisfied that this is the final result. 

In the interim, please be reminded that the current Rules, and therefore, your obligation as a Landfall owner, determine that you are responsible for utilizing provided receptacles, storing them in a screened area and returning them to the screened area as soon as practicable on the days of collection.      

We hope that this email provides clarity on this topic. Let’s come together and make the best of where we are. Rest assured that your LCOA Board and Management are working toward a potential solution that will afford the level of service that we all desire. 

Best Regards,   Your Landfall Council of Associations Board of Directors          

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