Landfall 2020 Maintenance News Wrap-Up

Happy Holidays to all! I wanted to begin by thanking each and every one of you for your continued support and understanding during this unprecedented year. Between the pandemic, over 70 inches of rain, and even a hurricane, this year was a difficult one for all. We appreciate all of the kind words and encouragement throughout the year. In a time when we are more socially distant than ever, we have never felt closer to our residents. The Landfall community is truly one of a kind.  

As we approach the New Year, I wanted to announce a new and exciting addition to our website. You may now request maintenance work orders or estimates by utilizing the following link:

You may still email or call (910) 256-7604 for assistance with these items, as well. We hope that this new addition will help simplify and expedite the work order process. 

I wanted to personally welcome all of the new residents to our Landfall family. For those of you who are unaware, we offer many maintenance services. These include lawn maintenance, landscaping, irrigation, pool services, handyman work, and many more. I am listing our 2021 price list for a-la-carte services below. If you need any assistance with a project, please contact us for a quote. It may be cold out, but there is no better time to start dreaming about your perfect summer yard!

Your continued patronage of the Landfall Maintenance department allows us to keep Landfall beautiful, and to complete projects such as the road paving project, the recreation site bathroom renovations, hurricane clean-up, and many more. As we enter this new year we hope to continue to make community improvements and upgrades. We would not be able to do this without the help of our residents. I wanted to acknowledge our gratitude towards all of you.

Best Wishes,

Stephen D. Hughes

Chief Operating Officer

Landfall Council of Associations

A-La-Carte Services


Sod Prices:

Centipede- $520.00/pallet installed

Bermuda- $520.00/pallet installed

St. Augustine- $560.00/pallet installed

Zoysia- $560.00/pallet installed


Pine Straw:

Delivered- $14.30/roll delivered

Installed- $16.80/roll installed



Forest Brown / Triple Shred – $65.00/cubic yard installed

Delivery for mulch- $35.00/cubic yard+ $40.00 delivery fee

Topsoil- $80.00/cubic yard

Turkey Compost- $80.00/cubic yard

Round up  – $10.00/gallon


Yard Debris Pick-Up & Disposal:

Truckload – $50.00/load

Trailer Load – $75.00/load

Dump Truck – $120.00/load


Hourly Rates:

Landscape Work, bed maintenance, and tip pruning- $32.00/man hour + materials

Pool Maintenance- $45.00/man hour + materials

Irrigation, Drainage, Sod, and Handyman Services – $50.00/man hour + materials

Horticulture and Landscape Designs- $50.00/man hour + materials

Specialty Pruning of Japanese Maples – $55.00/man hour + materials

Small Engine Mechanical Repair – $55.00/man hour + materials


Additional pricing and services available upon request.


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