Hello Landfall Residents,

As the reality sets in that it is once again hurricane season on the North Carolina coast, and that Hurricane Isaias is heading our way, let’s all be reminded that preparation is the best protection. We feel this is a good time to provide all of you with a few valuable resources as we monitor and await Isaias’ approach.

Hurricane Isaias is currently a Category 1 hurricane and is expected to reach very close to or over our coastline on Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully this will allow everyone time to prepare accordingly. You may wish to visit our website at www.landfall.org to access our most recent news updates, the 2020 CERT Hurricane informational slides and other helpful resources.

As we all know, hurricanes are unpredictable, therefore, please stay tuned to your local news and weather channels for the latest storm information. We will continue to update you with pertinent information as the storm progresses. Thank you.

Landfall COA


Author: Admin