Contractor Notice for Hurricane Debris

No contracted laborers will be allowed entry until the Landfall Council of Associations has performed a property and roadway evaluation following the storm. Contracted laborers will be turned away if you arrive prior to the all-clear notification. You may contact the property owner or builder to determine if the all-clear has been issued.

For all vegetative debris, please collect the debris from the owners’ home sites and bring to the COA official dumpsite and ensure that you have the means to haul all vegetative debris to this designated site. The official dumpsite designated for all vegetative storm related debris only is located at the COA Maintenance facility at 1749 Drysdale Drive. 

DO NOT place debris on vacant lots or leave curbside, citations will be issued.  

There will be NO SOLICITATION permitted in Landfall, and any violation of this rule will be deemed TRESPASSING and the local authorities will be contacted. Contractors are only allowed to visit the properties in Landfall that they have been authorized to visit.

Any contracted laborers dumping debris on roadsides or empty lots will be issued a citation and escorted off the property. 

We appreciate your cooperation during this difficult time.  Thank you and stay safe.

Author: Admin