From the Chairman, Bill Hamlet:
Landfall Council of Associations September 27, 2022, Board of Directors Meeting Summary

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Landfall COA was held on Tuesday, September 27, 2022. All Board members were in attendance in-person or via Zoom. The COA financials for the period ending August 31, 2022, were reviewed. The overall financials were summarized to include total Landfall COA
Operating equity of $272,000; this is an increase from July 2022 of $32,000 and $210,000 better than budget plan. The Capital Improvement Funds equity ended August 31, 2022, at $2,670,000 and is projected to end the year at $2,802,000. Landfall Association Services (LAS) and Landfall Owners Services (LOS) programs’ consolidated year-to-date revenue through August 31, 2022, was $330,000.

The Board reviewed the draft of the Landfall COA Internet Survey Executive Summary prepared by staff to be presented to our owners. The Executive Summary will be shared with the Landfall community via mass email, as well as via the Landfall Resident Portal. In addition, the Board determined that an overview
of the survey results will be presented to potential internet service providers for their review. If these service providers see Landfall as a candidate for such a “Fiber to the Home” install, based on the survey results, they will be invited to provide a proposal for consideration by the Landfall COA Board.

After thorough discussion and review, it was determined that the Buildings & Grounds Ad-Hoc Committee should be re-established as a Landfall COA Full Standing Committee. The Board agreed that this Committee will compliment and supplement the work that Mr. Hughes and his team are currently completing in the Landfall shared common areas.

In addition, the Board approved the Business Plan, Budget, and Application process for one of the Buildings & Grounds Committee’s recent projects, the Landfall Garden Club (LGC), a new amenity for the Landfall community. The LGC has been established as a Sub-Committee of the Buildings & Grounds
Committee. The garden will be located adjacent to the Arboretum gate and the Arboretum Postal Station and situated on Landfall COA shared common area. It was determined that that the COA will provide start-up costs for the garden to include a fenced enclosure, preparation of the land, watering spigots, soil
for the beds, and mulch for the walkways. The LGC was given a budget of $20,000 for these start-up costs.

The KCI engineers are currently working both onsite and offsite to complete the Landfall sidewalk survey of our road rights-of-way. It is hoped that the survey project will be completed prior to year-end.

The implementation of Applications by Design (ABDI), Landfall’s new gate access software, is underway with software customization and data synchronization being completed. This process is projected to take approximately three-six weeks, with staff testing and training expected to begin within sixty days.

The perimeter fencing replacement project in the Woodbridge/Gates area of Landfall is complete.

The Board was updated on the status of the Landfall roadway sealcoating project. The streets included as Phase 1 of this project, include the following: Starfix Terrace, Verrazzano Drive Loop, Aurora Place, Orion Place, Glenora Place, Lunar Lane, Galaxy Court, Verrazzano Drive (main), Quadrant Circle, and Radian
Road. The final allocation for 2022 from the CIF Restricted Reserves will be $112K

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