From the Chairman, Bill Hamlet:

Landfall Council of Associations March 22, 2022, Board of Directors Meeting Summary 

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Landfall COA was held on Tuesday, March 22, 2022. All Board members were in attendance.  The COA financials for the period ending December 31, 2021, were reviewed and approved; these financials are very positive. Landfall COA revenue received year-to-date through December 31st totaled $7,365,895. This included Assessments and Architectural Review Committee fees. The capital and unrestricted improvement funds equity ended December 31, 2021, at $2,083,113. Total COA expenses through December 31st were $7,409,094 with the Capital Improvement Contribution being $2,068,120 of this total. Landfall Association Services (LAS) and Landfall Owners Services (LOS) programs’ consolidated year-to-date revenue through December 31st was $4,021,360. Overall we ended the year 2021, with a consolidated net income of $418,748 over budget. 

Based on previous Board discussion, the Finance Committee’s recommendation for the remaining 2021 net income allocation was approved by the Board and supported by our Landfall COA Auditor, Earney and Company.  This allocation included $57,000 of this net income going into COA Operations to cover the budgeted increases for employee benefits, with the remaining balance going into our Capital Improvement Fund, Capitalization Projects.  

The proposed 2022 committee rotation list was approved by the Board.  There are plenty of ways to get involved in the Landfall Community as a volunteer.  Visit the Landfall website at for more information about our various Landfall Committees and volunteer opportunities. 

The Landfall COA has been approached by the Cape Fear Garden Club about the possibility of the Landfall community being a host to the 2023 Azalea Festival Garden Tour.  Four total properties have been selected; two located on Dundee Drive and two located on Radian Road.  Additional information is being obtained from the Garden Club, and the Board has requested feedback from the residents in the locations most directly impacted by the anticipated levels of traffic and parking.  The Board plans to address this request once the additional information is provided.   

Landfall COA staff continues to be in contact with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) related to the upcoming construction of the Drysdale Drive Extension project just across Military Cutoff.  A meeting with the NCDOT, the City of Wilmington (COW), and the Drysdale Drive business owners has been tentatively scheduled for April 14th.  We will update the community as new relevant information becomes available.    

The finalized KCI engineered sidewalk survey proposal contract has been reviewed by the Landfall COA attorney, and the modified proposal provided to KCI’s legal team.  Once received from KCI, the finalized contract will be provided to the Board for a second review and execution.  

On March 7th, the District 3 and District 5 Landfall COA Board of Directors election closed.  The Nominating Committee counted the paper ballots and compiled the electronic ballots on March 8th.  The new Board members are as follows:  District 3, Jason Lumpkin and District 5, Gary Caison.  We welcome each of these new members to the Board and appreciate their interest and service to the Landfall community.  

Landfall COA staff recently met with Dereck Mahaffey, the Wilmington Postmaster, to discuss Landfall parcel deliveries.  Mr. Mahaffey stated that with the nationwide USPS reorganization, centralized mail/parcel delivery (vs. door to door delivery) is a primary direction and Landfall would not be granted an exception regardless of past history of door to door parcel delivery.  At this time, Mr. Mahaffey is checking on the availability of additional parcel lockers to be installed at the Landfall Postal Stations.   The local Amazon distribution centers that are planned for construction in Leland and Pender County will hopefully resolve many of the issues being experienced with parcel delivery.      

After meeting with COA management, Reserve Advisors has started the 2022 Reserve Study for the Landfall community.   As I have mentioned before, Reserve Advisors is a company that prepares reserve study reports and unbiased guidance for communities throughout the country. The Reserve Study identifies and assigns current market values to all of our property and capital assets. From this the remaining useful lives of those assets are recorded and the projected maintenance and/or replacement expenses are reserved accordingly.  The process of data collection, property review, and report production will take approximately 90 days.  The finalized report will be available to the Board at the May Board meeting. 

The Landfall COA Annual Informational Meeting was held at 6:00pm on March 22, 2022, at the Country Club of Landfall.  We would like to thank everyone who was able to join us at this meeting.  It was a great opportunity to mingle with our neighbors and at the same time gain valuable information about our community.  There was a good turnout and may great questions were asked.  For those that were unable to attend, the presentation has been added online to the Document Library, under Resident Information, in the Resident Portal of the Landfall website.  If you have not signed up for the Resident Portal, please contact the COA office for more information at    

The Landfall COA 2021 annual audit is underway. 

At the December 7 meeting, the Board approved a recommendation from the Buildings & Grounds Ad-Hoc Committee to establish a dog park and community garden in 2022.  These concepts have been reviewed by the COA insurance company and are currently under review by the COA attorney for any potential opportunity to reduce the COA risk exposure.  In the interim, negative feedback on the mention of the dog park location has been received in planning such community events as July 4th and the Fall Festival.  As a result, the COA Staff will flag and paint the proposed location at its’ proposed dimensions for community review.  A survey of the community will also be completed to gauge the pulse of the community regarding the addition of a dog park in this location.

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