Hello Landfall Residents!

Spring arrived, and we are excited to be working with so many of you on your yard and lawn care projects.

As the weather warms and the flowers bloom, landscaping companies get very busy, and Landfall does our best to serve our residents in a timely manner. Please be aware, we are currently about 3 weeks out for most of our work orders. Some larger projects, such as sod, landscaping, pressure washing, and drainage, may require a longer wait. We appreciate your patience during this time. We suggest submitting work orders and requesting estimates sooner rather than later. We are doing everything in our power to move quickly and assist our residents with their maintenance needs.

We also wanted to let you know that our area is currently experiencing a pine straw shortage. We are working hard to get pine straw delivered and jobs completed in a timely manner; however, there may be additional delays in these work orders. If you would like an estimate for mulch in place of pine straw, please let us know.  

We appreciate your continued support of Landfall Maintenance and look forward to working with our residents to keep our community looking beautiful.

If you have any questions, would like to submit a work order, or would like to request an estimate please email maintenance@landfall.org or utilize the following website link:


Thank you,

Landfall Maintenance


2021 Individual Service Price List


Sod Prices:

Centipede – $520.00/pallet installed

Bermuda – $520.00/pallet installed

St. Augustine – $560.00/pallet installed

Zoysia – $560.00/pallet installed


Pine Straw:

Delivered – $14.30/roll delivered

Installed – $16.80/roll installed



Forest Brown / Triple Shred – $65.00/cubic yard installed

Delivery for mulch – $35.00/cubic yard+ $40.00 delivery fee*

Topsoil – $80.00/cubic yard

Turkey Compost – $80.00/cubic yard

Round up – $10.00/gallon


Debris Disposal:

Truckload – $50.00/load

Trailer Load – $75.00/load

Dump Truck – $120.00/load


Hourly Rates:

Pruning and Bed Maintenance – $32.00/man-hour + materials

Irrigation, Drainage, Sod, and Handyman Services – $50.00/man-hour + materials

Horticulture and Landscape Design – $50.00/man-hour + materials

Specialty Pruning of Japanese Maples – $55.00/man-hour + materials

Mechanical Repair – $55.00/man-hour + materials



Mole Bait (4 worms) – $62.00/treatment


*Our truck only carries about 7 cubic yards; the delivery fee will apply for each truckload

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