From the Chairman, Bill Hamlet:

Landfall Council of Associations July 27, 2021 Board of Directors Meeting Summary

A regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Landfall COA was held on Tuesday, July 27, 2021. All
members of the Board were in attendance. The COA financials for the period ending June 30, 2021, were
reviewed and approved; these financials continue to be very positive. Improvement fund expenditures
for May and June 2021 totaled $315,000. These expenditures include storm water repairs, new
maintenance equipment, street lights, gate repairs, fountains and fencing. Landfall Association Services
(LAS) and Landfall Owners Services (LOS) consolidated net income year-to-date through June 30th was
$201, 541.

The Board approved the Finance Committee’s recommendation to add a Safe Harbor feature to the
Landfall COA’s existing 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan. This amendment will increase the COA’s
employer matching contribution from 2% to 4%. The Board approved the final draft of the Landfall COA
Rules & Regulations, as reviewed and revised by the Covenants & Security Ad-Hoc Committee and staff.
In lieu of formally printing booklets of the Rules & Regulations, the document will be made available
digitally and via the COA website, with printed copies provided to new owners and available only upon
request thereafter. The Board approved the Nominating Committee’s recommendation to add Barry Selig
to our Covenants & Security Committee, and Marty Rowan and Cris Elliot Hernandez to our Nominating
Committee for three-year terms until the regular committee rotations in March of 2024.

The Board was updated on staff’s efforts to improve the customer service issues being experienced at the
Postal Stations, as well as the mode of delivery for resident packages. The Board was briefed on the status
of the joint review completed by the Covenants & Security and Buildings & Grounds Committees’ related
to the DOT construction projects planned for Drysdale Drive Extension and Eastwood Road Flyover as well
as updates on the other surrounding real estate developments. The latest project maps and timelines
were shared with the Board. The Drysdale Drive Extension project is expected to start in March 2022,
with the construction to our side of Drysdale anticipated to begin March 2023. The Eastwood Road
“Flyover” is anticipated to begin in November 2025 with our Drysdale entrance being further constructed
at some point from November 2025 through November 2028.

Controlling the traffic speeds on our Landfall roads and consideration of traffic calming mechanisms
continue to be a focus of the Board and our Covenants & Security Committee.

The sidewalk survey is completed and the results have been communicated to the residents. The Board
made no decision at the Board meeting in this regard prior to hearing from the community at the Landfall
COA Annual Informational Meeting. However, in discussing possible next steps, directing COA Staff to
gather three competitive bids to perform an engineer study for the potential sidewalk project was well
received by all Board members. Once the price quotes come in, this may be considered for approval at
the September 2021 Board Meeting.

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