Landfall Community Emergency Response Team

Landfall Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Inc.


The CERT program is a national effort to train ordinary citizens in basic skills to take care of their own families/communities in times of need until substantial professional resources can reach the area. Landfall CERT was formed in 2007 to serve the Landfall Community first and our city and county second. We are a 501.c.3 charitable organization and have purchased equipment and supplies to respond to emergencies.

Mission: The Landfall Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) will volunteer to first help our residents and Landfall Operations (COA) in the event of an emergency as early responders. As requested, we will facilitate/organize first aid operations, provide/manage basic medical supplies, coordinate with First Responders as needed, assist in traffic control, help locate missing persons, and otherwise provide support within organizational capabilities.

We will educate our residents in safety related topics, offer CPR and First Aid courses, and provide continuing education opportunities to our volunteers.

Landfall CERT members may volunteer to assist New Hanover County and the City of Wilmington in the event of an area wide emergency. Landfall CERT may provide supplies and equipment to assist operations.

Volunteer Requirements: First Aid and CPR certification enroll in the free New Hanover County CERT course – both within the first year of joining. Limited time commitments – community service events, bi-annual SpringFest fund raiser, training updates. Our application form is on this site.

With CPR and First Aid, you will be prepared for family emergencies and helping others at a critical time. The CERT training helps you if you are involved with a major incident on the Interstate highways, storms, or man-made accidents. You will be able to help another person at a time of critical need. . .

We always need more volunteers . . for more information, call 910-256-7651 or click here to send an email. Neighbors helping Neighbors . . be part of the CERT volunteers!