Dear Landfall Residents, 

As the AT&T fiber optic install project progresses through our community, there are certain sections of Landfall that are quickly approaching the “go-live” phase of the project. At that time, the owners in these certain sections will have the availability to contract individually with AT&T to bring fiber connectivity directly to their homes. 

In the interim, please be aware that if you have a current or past relationship with AT&T, they may have your contact information. AT&T’s regional sales force is aware that Landfall residents will soon have fiber optic cable availability. As a result, marketing information may be forwarded to you by various AT&T sales executives. Please understand that the Landfall Council of Associations (LCOA) has not shared your contact information with AT&T. 

As soon as your property address has the availability of “live” fiber optic cable connectivity, AT&T will notify the LCOA. In turn, the LCOA will notify you. We will provide you a direct point of contact at AT&T that will evaluate your options with you and provide for next steps. There will be a local AT&T Sales and Support team right here in the Wilmington area that will be responsible for the Landfall residents’ account management. 

We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any marketing email that you may personally receive from AT&T. As a result, if you are interested in contracting with AT&T to bring the available fiber to your home, you may wish to wait for the “go-live” email from the LCOA. 

Please contact us at anytime throughout this process if we can be of assistance. We appreciate your patience and look forward to notifying you that your area is “going live” very soon. 

Thank you for your continued support,

Author: Admin