Dear Landfall Residents, 

The new AT&T fiber optic main vein infrastructure installation in the Landfall community has now been completed. As a result, the next phase of the project to include fiber installation along the following road rights-of-way will begin on Monday, May 13, 2024: 

1) Drysdale Drive 

2) Vincennes Place 

3) Fontenay Place 

4) Mews Drive 

5) Dijon Drive 

Upon completion, this availability of fiber optic will provide Landfall owners the opportunity to contract directly with AT&T to bring the fiber connection directly to your home. Once the installation along the above listed streets is completed, the construction and access availability will continue moving again down Pembroke Jones Drive toward Arboretum Drive and Deer Island Lane. 

If you live along any of these areas, you should anticipate minor construction within the road rights-of-way adjacent to your property. In preparation, you will see flags along these routes to mark street light wires and other utilities called into 811. Specific start dates and completion dates will be subject to weather and/or other issues that may occur that are beyond the control of AT&T and/or the Landfall COA. 

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns as we begin the next phase of this extensive project. We are here to help and will assist in anyway possible. We will do our best to keep you updated as this installation progresses. 

Thank you for your continued support, 

Your Landfall COA

Author: Admin