A Word From the Chief

Russell James, Chief of Security

July 19, 2016


A resident in the Ocean Ridge Drive area was recently bitten on the leg by a raccoon while trying to intervene between the raccoon and their pet which resulted in treatment at the hospital. Animal control was immediately notified and responded. Do not approach a wild animal at any time. Please be aware that these types of animals cannot be trapped by Landfall Security or staff. And can only be trapped by a state licensed wildlife removal service.

Please avoid contact with the wildlife as much as possible and maintain a respectable distance. If your pet comes into contact with a wild animal, using a broom handle or spraying a hose will help you keep your distance from the animal and separate the conflict. Please be aware that some wild animals can potentially carry rabies, for more information on this subject, please visit:

I would also like to mention that the warm weather has brought the snakes out. There have been several sightings and removals so far and there are many more to come. You can stay safe simply by being mindful while engaging in outdoor activities and especially when doing any kind of gardening or yard work. It is also highly encouraged that garage doors not be left open for long periods; this creates a perfect opportunity for snakes (and possibly other critters) to come in and make themselves at home, creating an unpleasant surprise for homeowners thereafter. For more information about snakes present in our area and how to identify them, please visit:

Gate Strikes

As I have mentioned before, there has been a recent increase in gate strikes. Many of which are occurring at the Drysdale gate after hours. This can easily happen if you have purchased a new vehicle, forgetting it does not yet have a sticker, or if your barcode has expired or not had time to be read by the scanner. This can also be avoided by slowing down as you approach the gate, making sure that if your barcode is not read, you do not run into the gate arm. If you have a new vehicle without a barcode, or have an expired barcode, please enter the manned gates and allow a member of Security to assist you.

Additionally, I would like to implore boat owners to come through a manned gate when towing their boats in and out of Landfall. The sensor that controls the gate arm does not pick up the presence of aluminum and therefore can come down before a boat is all the way through, causing damage. For this reason, coming through a manned gate and getting the guard’s attention is always best so that they can keep the gate open long enough for the boat to come through safely.

Arboretum Gate Exit Lane

Please remember when exiting the Arboretum gate, that the right exit lane is for making a right turn only. Attempting to take the left turn from this lane is not only dangerous, but illegal. Please use only the left lane to turn left.


I would also like to remind you that bicyclists are required to follow the rules of the road; please stop at all stop signs. A bicyclist running a stop sign could cause a serious accident and we must all share the roads. Be reminded that bicyclists under the age of 16 must wear helmets, per North Carolina Law. Please ensure that if you are walking or cycling in Landfall that you are riding with the flow of traffic and walking against the flow of traffic, for safety purposes. Regardless of whether you are cycling, walking or jogging, please remain in single file at all times. The roads in Landfall are simply not wide enough for pedestrians or walkers to walk more than one abreast.

Wishing all of you a safe and enjoyable summer season from all of your Security staff!


Author: Admin