Hello Landfall Residents,

I hope everyone is doing well. With our summer season now in full swing, I thought it was a great time to share a few friendly reminders that will hopefully be a benefit to all during this busy time of year. As we are all aware, summertime tends to draw folks out of their homes to explore the great outdoors which leads way to additional traffic through our gates and throughout our community. Bearing this in mind, let’s all take our time, be considerate of others, and share the roads for the safety and enjoyment of all.

Landfall Roads:

Please watch for walkers and bike riders as you navigate through the property. Remain mindful that the speed limits vary from street to street, so be careful to adhere to the posted speed limits within our community. Also, please make sure that you come to a complete stop at all stop signs as this helps to ensure the safety of everyone traveling on our roads.

Fishing in Landfall Ponds:

While enjoying the sport of fishing in our community ponds, please remember that we have a catch and release policy. Furthermore, ensure that you take all trash, bait, and tackle with you so that it does not become harmful to other wildlife in and around the ponds. A resident must be present with their guest for them to be permitted to fish in Landfall ponds. Fishing is not allowed from the streets, bridges or bulkheads. This is for the safety of our fisherman and to help keep these ponds healthy and thriving.


As I have pointed out in the past, please be careful when walking around common area amenities such as Landfall Lake, Overlook Park, and area ponds. Snakes love this kind of summertime weather so be assured they are out in full force. Additionally, be mindful at home when moving items sitting on your patios or around the outside of your house as we have found a few of our slippery reptilian friends hiding under flower pots, grills, etc. Remain conscious and safe and enjoy the rest of your summer!!

Your Landfall Security Staff.

Author: Admin