Hello Landfall Residents,

As the seasons change and we begin to enjoy and welcome some fall-like weather, please allow me the opportunity to provide you some helpful safety reminders.

With kids going back to school increasing the level of early morning activity, please be reminded to allow yourself additional time to travel through the Landfall neighborhood. Obey all stop signs and speed limits. We want to see each of you sharing the roadways and arriving safely at your destination.

Driving Complaints from Residents

The bulk of the driving complaints that Security receives from residents revolve around three areas of concern: speeding, texting and tailgating. These three bad driving habits are very dangerous to everyone on the roadway, and can quickly lead to accidents and bodily injury. However, these unsafe practices can easily be remedied simply by each driver slowing down, storing your cellphone away, and being more patient while driving. If you see dangerous driving in Landfall, please notify Security right away. These are problems that we can all work together to help solve!

E-bikes Reminder

With the increasing popularity of e-bikes I wanted to remind everyone that to operate an e-bike on Landfall roadways, the driver must be at least 16 years of age. E-bikes must adhere to all speed limits and other rules of the road, as well as stay on the roadway as they are not allowed on sidewalks, Landfall Nature Trails, around Landfall Lake or any other common area walking paths.

Fishing in Landfall

To all fishermen, please be considerate of those residents that live around the various Landfall ponds and/or other bodies of water. Please consider fishing from dawn to dusk as it can be unnerving to see someone walking around the ponds after dark in and around your backyard. Always remember that fishing in Landfall retention ponds/lakes is for recreational purposes only; all fish caught must be released back into the retention pond/lake. Catch and release fishing is prohibited from street paving, bulkheads and bridges. Additionally, be mindful of fishing around the common area fountains since fishing lines and loose hooks can be dangerous and cause significant damage to the fountains’ motors.

Also, remember that the use of lakes, ponds, creeks and marshes are restricted to Landfall residents, Country Club of Landfall members and personal guests. Any personal guest utilizing these facilities must be accompanied by the host.                

Yard Signs in Landfall

Landfall Rules and Regulations allows for one political sign (including flags and banners), to be displayed 45 calendar days prior to an election day, and it should be removed within 7 calendar days following the election. This political sign may be a yard sign, a yard flag, a garden flag, or a house flag. All other yard signs are prohibited. To learn more about the yard sign requirements, you can reference the Landfall Rules and Regulations, Page 10, Section H. USE RESTRICTIONS, Item 5 by clicking here.

As always, we appreciate your support and are here when you need us!

Thank you,

Your Landfall Security Team

Author: Admin