Hello Landfall Residents, 

Happy New Year! We hope that each of you had very happy and safe holidays. While we had some unseasonably cold weather during the holidays, it appears that the warmer weather has returned to the Wilmington area. As a result, outdoor activities that help to make Landfall such a wonderful place to live, are again in full swing. 

In the hope of starting the New Year off right, please allow me to relay the recent amendments to the Landfall Rules and Regulations, approved by the Landfall Board of Directors in December. These changes are now in effect. 

Rules and Regulations Amendments               

At their December 6, 2022, meeting the Board approved Covenants & Security’s recommendation to amend sections of the Rules and Regulations related to motorized vehicles, electric bicycles (e-bikes) and animal control. Please be aware that motorized recreational vehicles are prohibited from being on Landfall’s roads, nature trails and sidewalks. E-bikes are permitted on Landfall roads and nature trails and are categorized as vehicles by the State of North Carolina, and must adhere to all vehicular laws. E-bike riders must be 16 years of age to traverse the roadways within Landfall. E-bikes are not permitted on the sidewalks. Be aware that these vehicles are subject to citation if a violation occurs. 

Please be reminded that pets must be on a physical leash accompanied by their owner or handler at all times while off of an owner’s property. This Rule complies with New Hanover County Animal Control guidelines and ordinances that are posted on the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office website. Animal Control does not consider electronic collars (e-collars) a control device under their ordinance. Therefore, please utilize a physical leash when walking your pet off your property within Landfall. Signs have been posted at the Drysdale Recreation Site to advise of the enforcement of this Rule. Pet owners are subject to a citation if pets are found off their owner’s property without a physical leash. 

The latest edition of the Landfall COA Rules and Regulations are available on the website at www.landfall.org or by clicking here. 

Backdoor Waste Removal Services               

Coastal Waste Services has reinstated backdoor waste removal service in Landfall. As a result, your waste receptacles should remain in their enclosure, or placed just outside of your garage on trash collection day. If you have any questions or concerns with this service, please contact Coastal Waste Services at 910-228-5500.               

Roadway Safety 

Finally, we ask that everyone be mindful of walkers and bike riders on our roadways. Make sure to watch your speed and ensure that you have a clear oncoming lane of passage when attempting to pass. Please be reminded, and remind your guests, that even the highly traveled Arboretum and Pembroke Jones Drives are neighborhood streets and should be treated as such. Safe speeds are set for the safety and enjoyment of all. Please slow down and allow additional time to get to your destination. We will continue to work to get the same message out to everyone that utilizes our roadways. 

Bikers and walkers, please refrain from using the concrete gutter sections of our roadways to traverse the community. These surfaces can be unreliable and inconsistent for various reasons, and are not intended for traffic of any kind. There are breaks in the pavement, unlevel surface due to the transition of materials, debris, stormwater drain grates, etc. that can all lead way to mishaps. Please utilize the roadway and communicate with surrounding vehicles by utilizing proper hand signals when stopping, turning or changing location in the lane. 

As always, we are here when you need us. 

Thank you for your ongoing support of your Landfall Security Team!

Author: Admin