Hello Landfall Residents,

We hope that you will be taking time over the next couple of months to enjoy this special season with your family and friends. As you begin to make plans for the holidays, please allow me to provide some helpful reminders.

Calling in Holiday Guests

During this time of year we experience an influx of guests coming in and out of Landfall. In order to avoid long lines at the gates and an unpleasant or unwelcoming experience for your guests, it is vital to ensure that everyone is added to your guest list in a timely manner. You may register your guests by calling Security at 910-256-5311 or through the Resident Portal. For information or directions to utilize the Landfall Resident Portal please click the link shown below:

Landfall Resident Portal Information Link

Additionally, feel free to reach out to Security when hosting your holiday parties or large events so that we may assist with parking and provide traffic cones as needed.

NC Motor Vehicle Operation Laws

Please be reminded that all NC Motor Vehicle Operation Laws apply while traversing the roadways in Landfall. I continue to receive numerous complaints about speeding; we issued 23 speeding citations in September alone. Additional complaints from your fellow residents are related to unsafe driving practices. The most recent were reports of people texting while driving and failure to maintain their lane. We are all aware texting while driving can be just as dangerous as speeding, and it is against the law! It is important to be alert and mindful of the other vehicles, bikers and walkers sharing our roadway while driving. This is essential for everyone’s safety.

Home Security Alarms

As you plan for travel during the holidays, this is a good time to contact your alarm company to make sure all codes and code words are up to date. Please know the procedures required by your individual alarm company. The only way to prevent the Police or Landfall Security from responding is for you or the alarm company to cancel the alarm call with both parties. Be aware, both the City of Wilmington and Landfall have Rules in place, which could incur unnecessary fines, for multiple false alarm calls.

Overnight Parking

Overnight parking on streets and vacant lots is prohibited in Landfall. Security issued 18 parking violation citations in September. Should a situation arise where you are in need of an exception, Security must be contacted so that necessary arrangements may be made. Vacant lot owners must be contacted, and approve anyone parking or staging any kind of equipment on their lot. Violations of these Rules and Regulations could result in citations and fines.

Gate Strikes

Finally, we are experiencing a larger than normal number of gate strikes at our entrances, which are unfortunate and expensive for everyone involved. Please make your guests aware that Drysdale gate is bar code only after 6pm, Monday – Saturday, and bar code only all day on Sunday. We continue to have vehicles attempting to piggyback through the gate arms behind an authorized vehicle, resulting in the gate arm coming down on the unauthorized vehicle, damaging the gate arms. We are also experiencing gate strikes as a result of guest vehicles crossing over the center upon entry and colliding with the resident lane gate arm. Gate strikes not only result in a citation for damage to common property, but also require you to cover the expense of repair or replacement of the damaged common element. Please take your time through the gates, adhere to the direction of the Security team, and always be careful to maintain your lane position upon entry. If you are having difficulty with your barcode please contact the COA office with concerns.

As always, we appreciate your support and are here when you need us!

Thank you,

Your Landfall Security Team

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