Hello Landfall Residents, 

We hope that each of you is doing well and enjoying your summer so far. The current temperatures definitely have people out and about, and we appreciate everyone being courteous and sharing the roadways. 

Please allow me to share a couple of recent concerns in the community with you, so that we are all aware. 


As E-Bikes increase in popularity, so does their presence on the roadways throughout our community. We have recently received several inquiries as to the Rules of the road associated with these battery-operated bikes. We have also had residents express safety concerns related to these bikes being utilized on the roadways, sidewalks and walking paths/trails in Landfall. So I thought it prudent to share the current policy determined by Landfall’s Rules and Regulations. Currently, E-Bikes are categorized as bicycles and should follow the same Rules of the road, i.e. travel along the roadway curbing in the same direction as the traffic. However, because of an E-Bike’s battery-powered ability, unlike manually pedaled bicycles, these bikes are not permitted on the sidewalks or walking paths/trails in Landfall. 

Some of the confusion and concerns being expressed about these E-Bikes are as a result of some of the newer models being equipped with larger more powerful batteries, allowing them to reach speeds of up to 40mph. Please be reminded, that all NC traffic laws must be followed and will be enforced on the roadways throughout Landfall. You must adhere to the posted speed limits whether in a vehicle or on a bike. Also, even though your E-Bike may be able to travel at the posted speed limit, it is not a vehicle and should maintain position, on the right side, close to the curbing. 

It is our goal to help ensure that all of our residents are able to enjoy the activities that they love, while safely sharing the roadways. 



The Landfall Covenants & Security Committee has discussed on multiple occasions, for various reasons, the private Saddleworth Trail access road and grassy area in front of Helmsdale I along Arboretum Drive. The ongoing misuse of this area continues to be a topic of discussion and concern for the residents of Helmsdale. 

Many residents ride their bikes, walk their dogs and even stop to park along Saddleworth Trail, unaware that this is private property and common area only to the Helmsdale owners. Unlike most of the properties in Landfall, the Helmsdale lots along Saddleworth Trail actually cross over Saddleworth Trail and run to the edge of Arboretum Drive. Therefore, each owner along Saddleworth Trail owns a section of the road and the grass strip between Saddleworth and Arboretum. Each owner in Helmsdale pays assessments to Helmsdale for the care, repair and replacement of Saddleworth Trail. Please be mindful of this when traversing near this area. Saddleworth Trail is a benefit to the owners in Helmsdale and not Shared Common Area available to all Landfall owners. 

Thank you all for your continued support of our Landfall Security team. Thank you for your dedication to keeping Landfall the friendly, prominent and beautiful community that we all love. 

Enjoy the rest of your summer and as always, we’re here when you need us! 

Landfall COA Security

Author: Admin