Hello Landfall Residents, 

Happy New Year! We hope that each of you had very Happy Holidays. How fortunate that we have experienced unseasonably warm weather over the last couple of months here in the Wilmington area. This weather has enabled you to continue many of the outdoor activities that makes Landfall such a wonderful place to live. To start 2022 off on the right foot, we wanted to provide you with a few helpful reminders, as well as some updates. 

Pet Reminder

Please remember pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and disposing of any waste in an appropriate container. We have found waste bags thrown in the gutter drains and this leads to issues with proper drainage, as well as possible water contamination. Also, be mindful of where your pet urinates, as many of your neighbors have grasses that can be impacted negatively from this practice. Dead grass and/or brown/yellow spots in the lawn can result. A lot of time and money are put into property owners’ landscapes, so please utilize common areas or your own property. Please extend to your neighbors the same type of courtesy and respect that you might expect and appreciate from others.   

New Security Gates

As you may have noticed, the gate arm systems at the Eastwood and Arboretum entrances have been updated with a similar system as Drysdale. They function as before; however, the lights on the new arms remain red until fully vertical, at which time they will cycle to green. The new arms are set to the fastest factory setting, but are slightly slower than the previous system due to the length of the arms. Please wait for the arms to illuminate “green” before proceeding through the gates. Even though the wait time seems longer, in reality the difference from the old system is only a couple of seconds. Again, we encourage you to give yourself extra time at the security gates and travel through the gates slowly and cautiously. 

If you think that you may be experiencing barcode issues upon entry, please check with the office to see if the age or condition of you barcode sticker may be the problem. It is also the time of year to renew your annual stickers for your frequent visitors to assure their barcodes are functioning properly and to avoid delays upon entry. 



Parking Lot Safety

We stress safety throughout the Landfall community to include reduction of speeding from vehicular traffic to heightened awareness for pedestrians and bike riders on our roads. One thing that has been brought to our attention is traffic around the Postal Stations. When vehicles share space with pedestrians, special precautions must be taken. While in parking lots, it is easy to get distracted by technology when driving and/or pulling out of a parking space, so have all communication completed (texts, phone call, GPS directions) before putting your car in gear. Remember, there is a “no texting while driving” law in North Carolina where both typing and reading texts are violations. Additionally, we have received complaints about people getting out at the Postal Stations and leaving their car doors open while they get their mail. Even though you may only expect to be at the Postal Station for a short period of time, leaving either car door open may result in damage to your vehicle, the vehicle of another resident, or personal injury. Leaving the car door opened also makes it harder to maneuver the parking lot area. The last thing that we want to see is someone getting hurt or vehicles being damaged. Also, the Arboretum Postal Station area houses one of our school bus stops, so please be mindful of these areas during school pick-up and drop-off hours. 

One final reminder, if you see any type of bird, from the smallest hummingbird to the largest pelican, in need or in distress, contact SkyWatch Bird Rescue for assistance at (855) 407-3728 or https://www.skywatchbirdrescue.org. No bird in need is ever turned away by this non-profit organization located in Castle Hayne. Birds receive medical care, food, safety, and rehabilitation until they be can be placed in protected sanctuaries or returned back to the wild. 

As always we are here when you need us. 

 Thank you for your ongoing support of your Landfall Security! 

 Your Landfall Security

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