Hello Landfall Residents,

We hope each of you had a great summer and are looking forward to enjoying Wilmington’s “Chamber of Commerce” fall weather! There is nowhere more beautiful, especially at this time of year, than right here in Landfall! With fall being right around the corner, we wanted to call your attention to some of our Rules and Regulations.


With summer time coming to an end and the school year upon us, traffic in the mornings can become congested. Please be mindful of the posted speed limits, stop signs, and children walking to the bus stop. It is important that we are being cautious of our surroundings to help ensure everyone’s safety on the roads. If you see unsafe conditions while out in our community, please report these immediately so that we can address your concerns.


Just a reminder, that reflective armbands are available for identification and visibility by our Security Guards and fellow residents of owners who traverse frequently through our Landfall community gates, either by bicycle or as a pedestrian. Remember, bikers should ride single file with the flow of traffic and pedestrians should walk against/facing traffic. These armbands are for Landfall property owners and their family members ONLY, who live at the same residence. Therefore, armbands are the sole property of the Landfall Council of Associations, and must be returned upon request or upon the sale of an owner’s property. Seriously consider purchasing your armband so that our security gate guards can easily identify you as an owner and/or a member of an owner’s immediate family. The armbands can be purchased at the COA office for $10 each.

Bags of Pet Waste

We have received a number of reports from Landfall residents about finding plastic bags of pet waste on sidewalks and in common areas. This is not a satisfactory method of disposing of this type of waste. Please understand that these plastic bags can cause our storm drains and ponds/water ways to become clogged and the areas potentially toxic. This type of plastic takes a reported 500 or more years to decompose and even when they do break down, the residue continues to wreak havoc on the environment. Remember this waste can contaminate soil and water for years. Please take a few extra minutes to place these bags of pet waste in your trash can, so that we can keep our Landfall community beautiful and free of pollutants.

Street-Legal Golf Carts

Street-legal golf carts are allowed in Landfall; however, they must be registered with the State of North Carolina and driven by a licensed driver. Unfortunately, we are seeing a number of these carts being driven by underage residents and/or their guests. This is not only a violation of Landfall’s Rules and Regulations, but presents another important safety concern for our community. Let’s work together to eliminate such activities.

As always we are here when you need us.

Enjoy the gorgeous fall weather in Landfall!

Your Landfall Security

Author: Admin