Hello Landfall Residents,

Welcome to the heat of summer! As you all know, along with the sunshine and warm temperatures comes masses of people to enjoy the great outdoors. As a result, we must pay special attention to our Rules & Regulations and exercise additional safety precautions when utilizing our roadways, parks and common area facilities.

Landfall Roads

Please be cautious when passing bikers and pedestrians on the Landfall roadways. I have received a number of reports from Landfall residents who have found themselves meeting other vehicles head-on while driving around corners on Pembroke Jones Drive. Please be reminded, when your lane is the one obstructed, wait until you have clear site lines of the oncoming traffic before proceeding. Remember, bikers should always ride single file with traffic, and pedestrians should always walk against traffic.

Speeding continues to be an ongoing issues in the Landfall community. Therefore, Security will be increasing our efforts to help slow down traffic and reduce excessive speeding. Our goal, at the end of the day, is for everyone to get to their destination safely. So please plan accordingly and allow yourself a little additional time to traverse our roadways at the posted speed limits.

Street-Legal Golf Carts

You all may have seen in the news lately the discussion about street-legal golf carts. Street-legal golf carts are permitted in Landfall if registered; however, they must be driven by a licensed driver. Unfortunately, we are seeing a number of these carts being driven by underage residents and/or their guests. This is not only a violation but presents an important safety concern for our community.


When enjoying fishing in the ponds, please be mindful of the Landfall “catch and release” rule. Additionally, there is no swimming permitted in any of the ponds. We have seen a number of water moccasins and copperheads around the ponds this spring and summer, so please use extra caution in these areas.

Have a great summer and Stay Safe!


Your Landfall Security Staff

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