by Chris Adam

Hello Landfall Residents,

 As we begin to see the first signs of fall with many of our children going back to school, be reminded that most children, as well as adults, are still home due to the Coronavirus. Therefore the usual shift in the volume of bikers and walkers throughout the community at this time of year may not be recognizable. Please be mindful of the posted speed limits and use caution while sharing the roadways. If you are riding a bike or in-line skating, you must be traveling in a single file line, with the flow of traffic. Anyone walking or jogging in Landfall must travel against the flow of traffic and should use sidewalks where available.


 As many of you may have already noticed, there is a new traffic pattern as you exit the Arboretum gate onto Military Cutoff Road. When making a left out of the property you will now notice a flashing yellow arrow, which may be causing some confusion. This flashing arrow is to alert drivers making that left onto Military Cutoff Road, to yield to the pedestrian traffic that may be crossing in the cross walk. Please be mindful of this as you exit at this intersection.


Please be aware that this is the prime season for scams as it relates to registering to vote by phone or social security number verification by phone. Unfortunately, we can all fall subject to such scams, so please ensure that everyone in your household knows not to ever give out vital information over the phone. No one from the IRS or the Social Security Administration should be contacting you requesting such information or confirmation of such information.

As you begin your busy holiday season shopping, a scam which you may want to be aware of involves Amazon verification notices. Apparently, an email is sent providing a link to update and verify your Amazon payment information on your account. The link connects you to a site that appears like an authentic Amazon page. Do not fall for this! Please contact the company direct if you get something asking you to verify information that you have already previously provided for your account.


 Finally, we have recently received inquiries related to the laws and requirements of operating street legal golf carts in Landfall. As with any vehicle operating on any road in NC, drivers must have a valid NC Driver’s License to operate these vehicles on the roadways within Landfall, and any other city streets. Along these same lines, we have received similar comments related to electric bikes and the speeds at which they are able to travel. These, along with all vehicles traversing our roads, should abide by the posted speed limits and obey all traffic laws. This is for your safety, as well as the safety of everyone utilizing the roads.

Stay safe and enjoy this beautiful fall weather! As always, we are here when and if you need us by calling (910) 256-5311.


Your Landfall Security Staff

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